Practising maps

Practising maps

In order to locate and understand why and how the populations are settled and distributed along the Planet, you have to know the main features that conditioning the settlements. You should know locate different places on Earth to understand some of the events. For example.

  • Where do the population live the most?
  • Why do the population are settled on fertile areas?
  • Where are the most prosper and fertile areas in the Planet?

According to the map below, what countries do include the Sphere of influence?

  • What continent is it?
  • What are the most populated cities? Where are settled?
  • Why do the Spanish populations live mostly on the Mediterranean Arch?

All that questions can to be solved if you can locate and identify the different countries and features (Mountainous ranges, valleys, deserts, rivers, Seas, Oceans, etc)


Say what countries have the high population density?

  • Are they in which hemisphere?
  • How is the Climate in there?
  • Where do the less population live in?
  • Relate weather and relief to the population density.

So, here you have some practices, (you also can access to printable maps on Aula Virtual or click here. 

On this website, you can practise the activities for rivers:

European rivers:

Some of them will be in the exam, the others will be needed in the next units.

  • World Map (Main rivers, deserts,  mountainous ranges, and Oceans/seas)

World. Rivers17

  • Locate and write the following features:
    • Rivers: Congo, Mississippi, Nile, Tigris, Euphrates, Amazon, Yangtze, River Plate, Huang-Ho, Ganges,
    • Mountainous ranges: The Rocky Mountains, Atlas Mountains, Andes, Alps, Himalaya, Ural Mountains, Caucasus
    • Valleys: Rift Valley, Rin Valley.
    • Deserts: Atacama, Arabian, Gobi, Sahara, Kalahari, Great Sandy Desert.
  • World Population Distribution.

Locate on the map the main populated areas and explain the factors that conditioned it. Compare it with the map above to identify the conditionants.


  • Europe Map (Political and physical)


  1. Locate and write the 28 EU countries plus Turkey, Croatia, Ukraine, Norway and Switzerland and write their capitals.
  2. Mark and write the following features and rivers: Ural Mountains, Caucasus, European Plain, Alps, Pyrenees, Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Adriatic Sea. Rivers: Rhine, Loire, Seine, Rhone, Thames, Volga, Dnieper, Elba, Danube, Po.
  3. Locate the main areas where European population are located. Locate the Blue Banane and explain why it is called like that and the reasons of this distribution.


  • Spain (Physical)


Locate and write the main features in Spanish Relief: Sistema Central, Pyrenees, Sistema Ibérico, Cord. Cantábrica, Sistemas Béticos, Teide, Guadalquivir Valley, Ebro Depression (Delta),  Guadalquivir Depression.

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