Resources for the Project ‘Cities and urban planning’

As you should know, the activity related to the Cities and urban planning have to be linked to several resources. Must-see videos, interesting websites explaining the evolution of the city you have work on, and of course, Google Maps screenshots, links, and so.

In this channel you can visualize urban evolution of some cities:

Visualizing Urban Expansion

Here, I link for you, some of the videos you should see, moreover, search for more information:

  1. Edinburgh. It shows through images how was the city, how was the development over time and a very useful overview of its urban structure from above.

2. Istanbul. The former capital city of Bizantine Empire, the former city of ottoman Empire, from Romans to current days. How Istanbul has evolved.

3. Rome. From above. A journey through the ‘Cità eterna’ from above. Interesting to see the urban planning, different facts are included on the video.

4. Barcelona. And its Super·illes plan. Superblocks. You can see quite clear the urban planning. Modern city and ensanche. (Eixample)
Taking streets back from cars. (Pollution and suistanibility)

5. Tokyo. The Japan capital city and one of the megalopolis. Overpopulated, more than 20 million people living in the city, but the megalopolis Tokaido reach 85 million people. Have a llok to the urban planning from above.

6. Paris. In this video is called the best urban planned city. Useful information, several images.

7. Sao Paolo. A modern city. Inequalities are very remarkable. Slums (favelas), like Cidade de Deus (City of God) are a huge challenge for the developing of one of the most important southamerican cities.


8. New Orleans. The former Spanish and French city became one of the most vibrant and stunning american cities.  The origin, form 1800´s to 1900´s

9. Cairo. The Egyptian capital is the largest city in Africa. Some facts about Cairo.

10. Marrakech. The city that gave the name to the country (Morocco), a medieval city which combine tradition and modernity. This is a video from middle 20th century, but serves to see how was and how the city is nowadays.

11. New York. What to say about the city that never sleeps? Manhattan is the sample of grid planning.

12. Shanghai. More than 4000 skyscrapers in the largest Chinese city. A megalopolis to discover.

13. Frankfurt. Tha financial capital of Germany

14. Delhi. From the ancient Delhi to New Delhi.

15. Amsterdam. The origin and development of the city. The river, the canals and the sea, conditioned the growth.

16. Athens. From the Antiquity to current days, Athens and its growth. The cradle of Philosophy. The Greek capital from the Acropolis.


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