1º ESO. Resources for final test

In order to get a complete information and focusing on the final test (Resit), it will be useful for you to watch the following videos belonging to  José Antonio Lucero: In his YouTube channel there are 18 videos for 1º ESO, Prehistory and History, available and in Spanish, which can be helpful in order to contextualize the contents might be asked in the final Resit test.

Cuna Halicarnaso (Prehistoria e Historia Antigua)

Sample video. The Process of Hominisation. Unit 1. Prehistory. Do you remember terms such as, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo antecessor, heidelbergensis, or Neanderthalensis? Don´t you?
So, watch this:

Besides, you can access to different tests and activities through Aula Virtual and the links on Google Drive. Try it, practise them and revise the Reinforcement Worksheets.

Remember, you should revise, as well Timelines and tools (Historical sources) and have a look to these videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBDA2E52FB1EF80C9

Contents. Prehistory and Ancient History

  • The process of Hominisation. How they evolved and how they left Africa.

  • Paleolithic. New tools. Economy and Culture.

Show the expansion of the homo species

  • The Neolithic revolution. Appearence of agriculture. New lifestyles.
  • Metal Ages. (Bronce and Iron Ages) Development of new tools, new settlements, new civilisations.

  • The appearence of writing. Ancient History. Mesopotamia and Egypt.
  • Ancient Greece. Political, economic and Culture and Art.
  • Ancient Rome. Hispania. Political, economic and Culture and Art. 


  • Oxford Premium OUPE.
  • Youtube.



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